viernes, junio 2

This is it, Michael

I tried, I tried so hard, I cried it,
Wanted to be the perfect girlfriend,
Loyal, wearing white,
I know I've cheated on someone, before,
But I've bleed myself,
I've drown myself to give you a body you can touch,
Even though I was a virgin,
Thinking pink.

Isolate myself,
So you can pierce, quietly,
My bones,
Without confusing names,
Without hiding my phone,
Because I was yours.

Today is the world yelling at me,
Saying I can keep this one lover,
Fairytales are over,
I can enjoy the ride,
While it lasts,
I can choose better my underwear.

No, there's no need,
This searching is empty,
You are not mine,
I am not yours,
I will never belong to someone again,
I will never let my heart in anybody's hands,
I'll smile while you undress me,
I'll hide and kiss you,
Shockingly calm,
Really happy of being dishonest,
Because I've introduce this game to my brain,
Like it was happiness,
The dream come true.